Behind This Wall @ Netil 360

Situated on a roof terrace five stories high with panoramic views of London; the organisers certainly couldn’t have picked a better spot to host their first event on what would be the hotest day of the year recorded thus far.

The all day event started at 12 and like minded music goers started to trickle in to the sun baked roof decking to rummage through the records that were on offer for buy and trade. It is important to note the meaning behind this event and Behind This Wall as it was to promote the love of Vinyl, as it seems to have taken a back seat in this ever more simplifying music industry. Vinyl in itself is a tactile tangible device, music that you can actually hold as an individual piece; not something that is a bunch of  binary code digital distorted in some generic music folder on your hardrive. Anyways, enough of my ramblings, I think its because I’m still recovering from that incredibly spicy pulled pork borrito that was on offer, poor effort from me I know.

The daytime vibe consisted of many a chilled beer, supplied by Netil House’s very own London Brewery beverages and the music followed suite with reggae being the main selection of choice for the DJ’s who were selected to play in this ‘open deck’ styled event. We also found Matt from Feel My Bicep larking about and showing off our latest AUS collaboration!

By dusk the temperature thankfully started to trickle down and the music had changed to that of primarily of House / Disco supplied from the guys at Eglo, Wolf Music, Luv Luv Luv and many more! The music goers, noticing the immediate change in bpm through years of revelling, knew what was best for them and crawled out from underneath whatever shaded device they had got there hands on in the day. One colourful guy caught my eye with his dance moves and pretty sure captivated his love for all things Vinyl, perhaps he’s a microcosm of this event as a whole or just one step closer to bonkers, who knows? (Zoom to face for maximum pleasure).

Our very own Tom ‘Mango’ Mangan even got asked to do a set for the well wishing crowed, who now seemed to be a little ratty with with the infusion of sun, booze and  excessive trumpet sounds from the hippy band below.

We met many of our own customers in the day and partied with new friends at night. We would like to thank everyone who attended Behind This Wall and especially the organisers for having us down. See you all at the next event!

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