Q&A with Bicep

What are you working on currently?

Working primarily on stuff for our label, which drops in September.

What new projects are in store for the rest of 2012?

Mainly FMB records, this will be our own musical outlet for only our own productions…just build a vibe of our varied styles in one place.

Who are your musical inspirations?

To many to name, just look at our blog, all music is pretty inspirational to us.

Name 3 of your favourite records old or new?
loving some deep stuff at the mo

Masters At Work – To Be In Love (MAW Dub)
DJ Stew – Holding on

 What’s on your radar right now – (music/ film/ pastimes/restaurants)?

Happiness Forgets and The White Horse in Hoxton are our fav places right now.

 Describe your dress sense / style:

Mr Motivator meets Ace Ventura,  lots of hawian shirts and baggy pants with 90s print all over em.

Most visited blogs and websites?

discogs, xvideos and facebook

Where do you live & what are your favourite local haunts?

Stoke Newington, too many to mention Cirrik, Red Lion and Spence Bakery have to be up there. We are pretty much regulars at Lucky Chip down at the Seabright Arms too.

Eggs – how do you them?

6 whites in the morning (RAW) yokes… you gotta be kidding me

What would you do if you had a million hands?

be even more productive 😉