Mouthing off – 5 tenuously mush related tunes!


A bloody excellent remix of Headman by them Chicken Lippers.  Talented hermits that they are, incidentally one of whom (Dean Meredith?) was responsible for the almighty rave classic, Playing with Knives. Headman – It Rough – Chicken Lips

It’s Prince… nuff said. Prince  – Kiss – Live in Detroit

Wasn’t sure wheter to include this one as Morrisey can be a bit of a bell end… especially after he got stuck in to poor old Dermot, however he does right a good tune. The Smiths – Big Mouth Strikes Again

Without question my favourite Ian Brown record, produced at the rather excellent Metropolis studio in Chiswick where we  had a room – or kind of a broom cupboard actually . Ian Brown – Corpses in their Mouths

And last but not least, and perhaps slightly out of character for the MH blog Nirvana – Molly’s Lips

This one’s going out to top $ molly. x