Riva Starr Q&A

Riva Starr, the man behind Snatch! Records, shares what he’s about. 

What are you working on currently? On a new album plus remixes and exclusive trax I will be using for my sets! What projects are in store this year? We gonna keep working hard on the Snatch! label side and I was also thinking to setup kinda live set for next year… let’s see. What are your musical inspirations? Everything that inspires me really, no boundaries or bullshit. I like all kinds of music and I really think that there’s no limit to creativity. Name 3 of your favourite records old or new? Genesis- The musical box / The Chemical Brothers – Leave Home / Guns n Roses- Patience. What’s on your radar? Love watching films, also old ones and I like to go hunting for new restaurants all the time. Describe your style: Snatch! Where do you live & what are your haunts? East London. Defo got a few favourites. If you like good pizza go to Franco Manca inside Brixton Market (just daytime). Ask for a Margherita with Smoked Provola on top! Eggs – how do you them? Omelette (Frittata), I’m the king of the FRITTATA. What would you do if you had a million hands? Half a million omelettes!