MYMH – Guy Hornsby

MYMH is a chance for us to find out about Millionhands wearers. This week we speak to Guy Hornsby, 36 from Walthamstow, London.

MY SPACE: I live in Walthamstow, E17 (insert joke here). Not a lot goes on here, but it’s good to escape to when you need some peace. Much of my time is spent in Hackney and Shoreditch. I love Kingsland Road, especially The Rio for films, Mangal for some Turkish, the Arcola for culture, and The Londesborough and The Crown in Angel for Sundays.

MY WORK:  In the day job I’m a happy city-based software project manager, but at night time I’ve been immersed as a multi-tasking DJ, promoter, producer and journalist for over a decade now.

MY TIME OUT: I love festivals. This year I’m off to my first Exit and 6th Lovebox. I’ve loved Ibiza since 2000, and am a recent convert to Berlin, especially Berghain. Gigs-wise I have Pulp and Arcade Fire next month, and saw Elbow, Ben Folds, LCD and Hot Chip recently. I also saw Brian Cox at the Apollo in May, as I’m a bit of a science fanboy. Clubs-wise I run Dropout at the Star every 2 months, and I can be often found at Secretsundaze, Mulletover, Shake It, and Eastern Electrics. I still mourn the death of The End, the best club London has ever seen.

MY MUSIC: I’m a devoted LCD and Hot Chip fan, with Underworld and the Chems not far behind. House music is in my blood, especially Hot Natured, Tsuba, Visionquest, Simple & Wolf+Lamb right now. For guitars no one comes close to Radiohead, but next most played are Arcade Fire, Elbow, Bon Iver, Blur, and lately Metronomy, whose new album is the soundtrack to my summer.

MY STYLE: The phrase ‘smart casual’ sends shivers down my spine. My uniform is jeans, hoodies, t-shirts and lots of trainers. I’ve got 15 pairs, mostly Puma, New Balance and Adidas. They actually get colour-coded with my MH tees, it’s that important! Uniqlo is my new favourite stop for basics.

MY T-SHIRTS: I own 14 Millionhands tees now, though I can’t find the We Not Me, so it didn’t make the photo (below).  I love the new Tazz ones, and the YES one, but top spot has to be the A-Zs. So much of my favourite music on them, and they’re a conversation piece all of their own. Lots of staring.

MY MILLIONHANDS: If I had a million hands probably figure out a way to write, cook, clean and play records at home so I can clear down my to-do list. It’ll never happen otherwise.