Tazz Q&A

To celebrate the launch of the new Tazz tee, we grilled the mysterious techno-head with our taxing Millionhands’ Q&A.

What are you working on currently? An album of full on Techno. Sneak peak of some of the tracks will be available on Soundcloud on my mix compilations. Look out for them! What new projects are in store for the rest of 2011? The album, another release coming up on Tsuba. DJing more, looking to start a new weekly that show cases the kind of music that you hear on my radio show at My House Your House (every second Wednesday from 9pm-11pm Eastern time and on my mix compilations). What are your musical inspirations? Friends (Carlito, Giovanni and Fred who help a lot with the music). My new toys – loving the MOPHO and Roland 505 synths, lots of play time on those! And Detroit music! Name 3 of your favourite records old or new: I Cling – Deetron Rmx (pretty much played and playing it in every live DJ sets since it came out), Dbx – Losing Control (that’s my peanut butter and jam track I play it with everything!) and the entire Main Street Catalog it’s just so deep! As much as I would have liked to put some original classics in that list, maybe next time. What’s on your radar right now? I promised myself I would get sneakers this summer and hit the basketball courts again.
Describe your dress sense / style: Jeans and T-shirts, there’s always something on the T-shirt. Most visited blogs and websites? Soundcloud always checking out what’s going on there! Wikipedia, can get lost in it for hours. Look up stuff about space and you will see what I mean! Where do you live & what are your favourite local haunts? Montreal, Canada. Definitely at the movies a lot especially after working on track for a long time. Mmmbrger your 25$ burger! Weekends always checking out some party. Eggs – how do you them? Scrambled or over easy. Depends on my mood. What would you do if you had a million hands? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!