Mock Q&A

To celebrate our new Mock & Toof T-shirt collaboration, we put some questions to Duncan Stump, who makes up the duo with Nick Woolfson.

What are you working on currently? We are working on our second album. We have whittled down a number of tracks to a manageable amount & are massaging them into shape. We’re also waiting for some vocals to come back. What new projects are in store for 2011? There are no new projects, just us trying to show up a bit more clearly on the radar. Doing some more live stuff too. Name 3 of your favourite records old or new? Spent 2010 listening to these a lot: Toumani Diabate & Ballake Sissoko ‘New Ancient Strings’ / Steve Reich ‘Music For 18 Musicicans’ / Pastor. T.L. Barrett & the Youth For Christ Choir ‘Like a Ship (Without a Sail)’. What’s on your radar right now?
Motor bikes / photovoltaics / houmous/ Pollyester’s new album / Widow Basquiat / Somewhere / Keith Richards / Underground / Guinea pigs. Describe your dress sense / style: Bland-core. Most visited blogs and websites? Where do you live & what are your favourite local haunts? Alexandra palace & Surbiton. It’s just houses, estate agents, charity shops & coffee shops EVERYWHERE ! Eggs – how do you them? Poached, scrambled, on the face. What would you do if you had a million hands? Fiddle, a lot.