Q&A: Totally Extinct Enormous Dinosaurs

In honour of his tasty new TEEDinosaurs T-shirts, we put our taxing Q&A to Totally Extinct Enormous Dinosaurs, the Oxford-based recording artist signed to Greco-Roman.

What are you working on currently? Attempting to write and finish my first album; so working on lots of tracks simultaneously, which is a bad idea. Also putting together some new ideas for the live show, costumes etc. What are your musical inspirations? A lot, but I spent a many years obsessing over jungle and disco. Name 3 of your favourite records old or new? Currently, they are: Storm Queen – Look Right Through, The House Crew – Keep The Fire Burning and Whitney Housten – I Have Nothing. What Christmas song gets your bells jingling? In The Bleak Midwinter turns me on. What’s on your radar right now? Tokyo is pretty cool on all levels, just been for the first time and I highly recommend. Describe your dress sense / style: uhh, confused. Most visited blogs and websites? Bridging the Gap and Pejhy.com. Where do you live & what are your favourite local haunts? I live in the centre of Oxford and I like hanging out in the surplus of old pubs with fires. Eggs – how do you them? Good question. Currently I’m working on my Omelette skills, (just discovered that adding a big of water helps). What would you do if you had a million hands? So much! Starting with freaking everyone out.