We also spoke to Suol’s founders, Chopstick aka Chi-Thien Nguyen, and Johnjon, to find out what is going on in their worlds.

What new projects are in the pipeline? CS: We’re building 5 studios at the moment in Kreuzberg right behind Watergate club. It will be a great environment with Sebo K, Lee Jones, Zander VT, Oliver Koletzki, John & me. Musically I’ve just put out a release with Till Von Sein. Our label Suol will be releasing EP’s every month. Coming up is Trickski, Sven VT from Zander VT, Fritz Kalkbrenner and currently Till Von Sein. JJ: First of all finish building the studio, holiday and then continue working on the first Chopstick & Johnjon album. What are your musical inspirations? CS: It changes! Sometimes Mtume, Bon Iver, Dallas Green, Fink, etc.. but mostly, the hip hop from the early 90’s that I grew up with. JJ: RnB and HipHop from the 90s, but also some singer songwriter stuff that I’m listening to at the moment. What’s your favourite song lyric? CS: I have many, but the words from Paranoid by Black Sabbath come to mind. Sade and Bjork’s lyrics are up there too. JJ: Details In The Fabric by Jason Mraz.  What’s on your radar right now?
Mac Miller! Finally an 18-year-old white kid shows them Hip Hop artists nowadays what’s up. Also, Mayer Hawthorne and Aloe Blacc. I’m a big fan of the Stones Throw label. JJ: Just finished an episode of How Not To Live Your Life… brilliant! Describe your dress sense / style: CS: Plain and simple, always casual. I practically ordered all the Millionhands tees and wear them all the time. I’m also a white tee & blue jean type of guy also. JJ: Shirt, jeans and sneaker … or hoody, jeans and sneaker during the Berlin winter. Most visited blogs and websites? CS: Gearslutz for all my vintage studio gear, Uhrforum for my love for watches, RLSlog for TV shows and Ebay. Blogs from my friends like Minokodama, uduak.org. JJ: Spiegel Online, Kicker, uduak.org. Where do you live & what are your favourite haunts? CS: Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin, and I love it here. My studio is in Kreuzberg so I hang out there. You get great drinks at Fluido bar in Prenzlauer Berg. My cousin’s restaurant DUDU at Rosenthaler Platz. But, nothing comes close to hanging out at a friend’s place, smoking, drinking and listening to good music. JJ: I live in Kreuzberg, Berlin. My favourite spots are the Italians coffee shops across the street. Sorry, things don’t really have names here. Eggs – how do you them? CS: Most of the time, sunny side up, but won’t say no to scrambled. If boiled, they have to be soft. JJ: Sunny side up. What would you do if you had a million hands? CS: I could do my mixes in my studio in a minute instead of a whole day. JJ: Build a mixing desk with a million channels.