Damian Lazarus

We put a few questions to Crosstown Rebels founder Mr Lazarus to coincide with the launch of the his new tees.

What are you working on currently? I’m working on finding more time in every day to avoid working. What new projects are in the pipeline? New label website, new music forthcoming, new sounds to take to the masses. What are your musical inspirations? Today I am mainly listening to Marvin Gaye, Lazpod #17 and The Scientist. What’s your favourite song lyric? ‘I’ll protect you from the hooded claw, keep the vampires from your door, when the chips are down, i’ll be around, with my undying, death-defying love for you.’ From The Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. What’s on your radar right now? Reading books by Alejandro Jodorowsky, comics by Theo Ellsworth, watching old Soprano episodes, eating in. Describe your dress sense / style: Odd, caped and hatted. Where do you live & what are your favourite haunts? Elysian Park, close to my house in Echo Park, LA. Eggs – how do you them? Usually over my face. What would you do if you had a million hands? Grow a million trees.