Smalltown Supersound

We’re very happy to announce our new T-shirt collaboration with Smalltown Supersound – the Norwegian label that not only has a great name, but a stellar musical output to boot. In a nod to said launch we put some questions to label manager Joakim Haugland. Here’s what he’s about…

What new projects are in the pipeline? There is a lot. New Diskjokke album En Fin Tid, Drivan – the new project from Kim Hiorthoy, Arp’s new album and K-X-P’s debut album from Helsinki. Then there is a new Bjorn Torske album, Kokning. Later in the year I also have new albums by Mungolian Jetset and Tussle. What’s your favourite song lyric? “I’ve been crowned the king of it, and it is all we have” from In The Mouth A Desert by Pavement. I have always loved Stephen Malkmus’ weird and surreal lyrics. Name 3 of your favourite records: World Of Echo by Arthur Russell – my all time favourite album. It doesn’t sound like anything else before or after it was made in 1984. Cowboy In Sweden by Lee Hazlewood, a fantastic album he made in the 70s, which wasn’t released outside of Sweden until the late 90s. Great songs from a great voice. And John the Wolfking of LA, by John Phillips from Mamas and the Papas. This is when the whole West Coast Canyon scene was falling apart and the sound of the album is the reflecting the end of a golden era. What’s on your radar right now? I’m listening to the new Beach House album Teen Drum, I think it is a wonderful. I am also listening to the demos by a Norwegian girl group called Razika. I enjoyed Jim Jarmusch`s new film Limits Of Control. What clothing labels do you wear? I’m not as interested in clothing labels as I am in music labels, but I like American Apparel because they are clean and there are no labels or prints on the clothes. Most visited blogs and websites? Daily Norwegian newspapers, Fact, Resident Advisor, Pitchfork, The Daily Swarm, Rough Trade, Piccadilly Records and Viking, my Norwegian football team. What are your favourite local haunts? I live in Oslo, Norway. My favourite hangout here is a small bar called Robinet, run by my friend David. It is the best bar in the world. Then there is always Oslo’s best restaurant Kampen Bistro, a favourite of mine for the last 10 years. Eggs – how do you them? Easy over. What would you do if you had a million hands? Stop fascists.