We’ve mentioned Urban Gallery Store in Berlin a couple of times already; because we like it and our T-shirts are in it. The duo behind it are Fabian and Arun, below they share what they’re about…

What’s the idea behind Urban Gallery Store? To present art in a gentle way and not act like a gallerist. Also to show that art can be affordable and for normal people. At the same time we love good T-shirts and high-end products, which lets us create a comfortable atmosphere to draw people in.  Are the artists you show your friends? At the first Urban Gallery Store in August we worked with friends and tried to support local talent. As the pop-up was a big success we’re now in the comfortable position to choose from a wide range of artists and support new talent. What do you do when you’re not running the pop-up? We used to work in architecture and gastronomy, and from the success of this we founded the agency Undplus, with the aim of connecting artists with the industry and provide creative marketing for our clients. But the most fun is to realise our own projects and ideas. Did you make anything you’re selling in the shop? Not this time, but we’ve involved our brothers with their brands Willick and ThokkThokk. What’s your sense of style? Arun – classy with a touch of Brooklyn style. Fabian – quick and easy. What music are you listening to? Electronic influenced rock and all the stuff from Permanent Vacation. Classics in hip hop, house and pop are always a big issue. What are your favourite Berlin haunts? Cookies Cream, Neue National Galerie, Oliv coffee shop, Wood Wood, lakes around Berlin, Viktoria Bar and Crackers. How do you eat eggs? Scrambled!!! What would you do if you had a million hands? Let them take care of our daughters!