We love a bit of Greco-Roman – Joe ‘Hot Chip’, Alex Waldron, Dom Bastyra and Jeremy Dade – as much for their cosy parties as their stellar releases. We speak to Alex (second on the left) about music and things:

Tell us how Greco-Roman began? Me and Joe DJing together like two sweaty, homoerotic wrestlers. Lots of grunting. What new projects are in the pipeline? We are just releasing a CD box-set of our first 5 singles called Greco-Roman: From The Seat Of Mount Olympus, and finishing off the Drums of Death album Generation Hexed. What records are you playing at the moment? Drums of Death – Got Yr Thing (Jesse Rose and Oliver $ remix), Mathias Aguyao – Ritmo Tres, Stopp – I’m Hungry (Full Nelson re-edit), Longsy D – This is Ska (Full Nelson & Jesse Rose re-edit), Hot City – No More, Limelife – I Wanna Go Bang (Full Nelson re-edit), Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Bournemouth / and Sen. What tune is rocking your world? Drums of Death – Work Ya Neck. Favourite Christmas Record? Greco-Roman don’t do Christmas until after 22nd December. What’s on your radar right now? Looking forward to the new Gaspar Noé film, Californication series 3, Holly Miranda, FC Pauli, Tel Aviv and the LA revival. Describe your look: British gentleman in Berlin student shocker. What’s your footwear of choice? Tricker’s of Jermyn Street. Most visited blogs and websites? Easyjet, British Airways, Lufthansa, Air Berlin, Fact Magazine, Boomkat, Dazed Digital & MILLIONHANDS! What are your best Berlin haunts? Greco-Roman don’t do clubs with lighting systems that cost more than €50 so Villa and Salon Zur Wilde Renate are our faves. Oye Records is the best record shop in town. Best Italian restaurant – Madchen Italiener , best wiener schnitzel at Markthalle. Prater Garten has best sausage garden / installation art combo… although admittedly there aren’t that many places that cater to both markets. And Torstrasse suddenly got great… How do you have your eggs? Benedict. What would you do if you had a million hands? Grope!