To tie in with our lovely new collaboration T-shirt we put some Qs to Heavenly Jukebox, the boys from legendary Heavenly Recordings.

Heavenly jukebox Heavenly Recordings London music

Tell us how HJ began: Born out of the Heavenly Recordings label 20 years ago, The Heavenly Jukebox allowed a group of different selectors to mix and match musical styles in the same night; a broad selection of tunes – crucial, essential. Pop music. And it’s the capers we’ve been up to ever since. What new projects are in the pipeline? A HVN JBX Christmas party at the Ginglik, a monthly residency at The Social next year, some Jukebox parties in Brighton and Hackney… and our clothing range ‘Heavenly Casuals.’ What’s your favourite song lyric? ‘Little bird up in a tree, looked down and sang a song to me, of how it began’ – from Little Bird by Dennis Wilson. Your favourite records: Here I come by Barrington Levy, Stop that Girl by Vic Goddard and Love Action (I Believe in Love) by League Unlimited Orchestra. What tune are you most playing? Answer to Yourself by Soft Pack. What’s on your radar? Caught by the River, Le Gun Magazine, Billy Childish, Absolute Beginners, Kruger, Grace Collins, Paul Laffoley, Country Bizarre, T.C Lethbridge, Last Exit to Brooklyn, Peter Ackroyd, No.1 Village Bakery, Soul Power, New Judas, Autodisco, Edwyn Collins, Time & Space Machine and Fox Base Beta. Describe your look: Red with purple flashes. What clothing labels are you into? Barbour, Garb Store, Uniqlo, Smedley and Westwood (Tim). Most visited blogs and websites? CaughtByTheRiver, Heavenly Jukebox, The Quitus, The Line of Best Fit, Fact, The London Nobody Sings, A Tribe Called Next, Slutty Fringe and Yr Heart Out. What are your favourite London haunts? The Social, The Garb Store, Rough Trade, Bradley’s, Rosie’s Deli Cafe, Gordons Wine Bar, Telegraph Hill, The South Bank, Deptford Market, Sounds of the Universe, Corsica Arts Studio, Trisha’s, and Grain Store (Portobello). Your favourite restaurant? Bistro 1, Plymouth. Eggs – how do you eat them? Coddled, with Tabasco. What would you do if you had a million hands? As much as we could possibly get away with – and once we were bored of doing that (and having avoided custodial sentence) we might finally learn to play some instruments. Then we’d make a fortune busking in Covent Garden.