gentlemen prefer broncos

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It’s my opinion that everyone’s favorite uber-nerd, Napoleon Dynamite, cast an influence over ‘geek chic,’ with his moon boots and tacky T-shirts way back in 2004. Now, Jared Hess – the film genius who brought us Napoleon – is back with his latest offering ‘Gentlemen Broncos.’ Again Hess demonstrates his ability to make small town America look so ‘totally cool’.

The story is about Benjamin, a lonely home schooled teen who lives with his mildly insane mother in a backwater town. The film features Flight of the Concords’ Jemaine Clement and Sam Rockwell, who can be seen busting out some of the best sci-fi attire seen since the 70s.

As with Napoleon Dynamite, I don’t think this will be winning many awards but definitely looks like it’s worth a watch, if only for the stag rocket launchers and amazing fashions. Watch a clip.

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