POP! art

words: molly

East Londoners will be well aware the streets they tread are rich in history – even if the history isn’t very rich. When I lived in Shoreditch I was intrigued by its past; discovering it used to be a ‘sewer ditch’ (nice), and that my local church St Leonard’s, featured in the age-old song Oranges & Lemons.

Which is why I like these posters by Richard Ardagh of Elephants’ Graveyard. Limited Edition and printed with a traditional letter press, they celebrate London rhymes embedded in our collective conscience but which have long since lost their meaning. The latest print is Pop! Goes the Weasel: and whoever knew the words featured The Eagle on City Road?

Richard says: “Pop means pawn and weasel is rhyming slang for coat (weasel and stoat = coat). So, the rhyme might be about pawning your coat for drinking money…”

As relevant today as it ever was.

Pop goes the weasel poster elephants graveyard London


oranges and lemons say the bells elephants graveyard London