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As Europe’s most bike friendly city, Berlin is a joy to circumnavigate on two wheels. Furnished with their own mini traffic lights the cycle lanes are so extensive it’s easy to forget about cars (especially when drunk-cycling home, but not sure if that’s a good thing). David Byrne, of Talking Heads, would no doubt agree. He’s cycled around Berlin & other cities while touring over the last 30 years & his new book Bicycle Diaries is number one on my virtual things-to-read-next list. In the intro Byrne talks about how he started cycling as a cheap & easy way of getting round New York in the early 80s. He found he saw a whole lot more life going on around him as a result & that he still loves the feeling of freedom that comes when riding from A to B. A big fan of Psycho Killer and other Talking Heads tracks, this has cemented my respect for Byrne. It is indeed a delight to travel by bike. Especially with a group of friends, so you can pretend you’re in E.T.

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