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One of my favourite films is True Romance. And one of the film’s best scenes is when Dennis Hopper winds Christopher Walken’s character up with a lengthy speech before he meets his end (you know the one I mean). I can’t claim to have seen other Hopper films but was interested to see he has a book out – and it looks rather good. Photographs 1961 – 1967 does what it says on the tin; a collection of snaps Mr Hopper took while living-it-up as a young actor. From random bikers in a diner, to Jane Fonda target shooting in Malibu, to interesting signage, to half-clad friends in a bathroom – all the pics are taken with a good eye. “In many ways, it’s really these photographs that kept me going creatively,” he says. At £450 for each of the 1,500 limited edition copies, it’s a little on the expensive side for my non-existent coffee table but here’s hoping it’s out for the masses soon.