An email with… Jesse Rose


> Name your favourite non-house records: Off the top of my head, tracks for the shower are… All I Really Want by Mary J. Blige, Too High by Stevie Wonder & She’s Strange by Cameo.
> Vinyl or digital? Both, I play records and CDs. I don’t really care what people use – it’s all about the tracks they play.
> What tune are you playing most at the minute? The Freaks Come Out by Cevin Fisher (Idiotproof remix).
> What’s on your radar right now? Looking forward to seeing Tetro, by Francis Ford Coppola. Also, it’s a great year for animation films such as Persepolis and Waltz with Bashir; but they should be seen at the cinema, not at home! Riva Starr’s new album on Made to Play.  Am reading Bright Shiny Morning by James Frey currently, it’s a book that keeps you wanting more.
> Describe your look: Today I’m wearing Paul Smith jeans, Original Fake T-shirt and a striped Visvim jumper with my Nike Air Toki TZ trainers.
> What labels are you into? I’m all about Japanese clothes right now; Neighborhood, Visvim and Original Fake are all class. Streetwear, made well. Also, Made to Play x MILLIONHANDS T-shirts!
> Your footwear of choice? Nike
> Top 3 online haunts?, and
> Share a holiday tip: The island of Maddalena near Sardinia, is a very special destination in Europe!
> Your favourite restaurant? Sushi Master in Tokyo. It doesn’t have a sign outside, or a menu and only seats ten people at a time – makes for an interesting meal.
> Eggs – how do you have them? Fried, with bacon
> What would you do if you had a million hands? Work a one hour week!